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2 years ago

Hacking wifi password is a dream come true

Hacking wifi password is a dream come true


Artificial intelligence, autonomous robots and virtual animals aside, we have a fundamental futuristic technology, theWiFihacker, which would incorporate the concept of free ubiquitous data in its application. Most technologies, while materializing unbelievable concepts, fail to adhere to the ethicalities expected out of a standalone application. WiFi hacker doesn’t quite categorize itself into that “most technologies”. Take away this hacker application from the internet and there is no technology noteworthy enough to wonder about. As late is the prediction of the application’s release date, this concept was materialized by the founders of the wifi password hacker application comparatively soon. Add to the unbelievably earlier release of the application, the fact that the WiFi hacker doesn’t cost you a dime makes it a complete steal. It doesn’t necessarily wean away customers from traditional ISPs like airtel, idea, MTS, vodafone etc but it surely leaves an impact on the user’s mind that afterall paying for 4G LTE, Fibernet seems to be a joke while this WiFi hack is the thing for the next decade until all the government models in the world decide to let their citizens have free access to internet data. The tussle between the WiFi hacker and the ISPs promises to be a healthy one, but there may be political interventions initiated by the ISPs as their profits have already been dented by the OTT service providers. ISPs probably have to close their businesses on all grounds if the WiFi hacker goes even more viral than it is already. 


WiFi Password Hacker - Sparkles the fear for ISP from inside.


The only thing that is buying some time for these ISPs is lack of investment for marketing of this WiFi password hacker application. The game, therefore, is to make peace with the founders of the WiFi password hack application and invest in the marketing for them and ask them for a price tag on the WiFi hacker application. To speculate that it will be easy for the ISPs to bribe the guys who materialized an unbelievable concept for money is just stupid. The ISPs has to offer a lot more than that to keep their business. Hopefully a decrease in price of their broadband tariffs would bring some respite to their fortune. But the very nature of the WiFi hacker won’t let any ISPs survive in the long run. Before you bother telling me the application’s name doesn’t quite sound ethical, spare a minute to understand what the founders went through to make the dream of free WiFi around the world a reality. Be it 2G, 3G or 4G, everything involves a spectrum auction where the big shots bid their butt-ass money to buy the best spectrum with best receptivity. WiFi hacker bought a spectrum for routing all the networking signals through its interface. This spectrum is non profitable and perceived as the one specialized to hold the unused signals, predominantly WPA2 signals, on the air which can later be distributed geographically to the people eager to hack WiFi network of their neighbour. The culmination of many people’s life works is this application WiFi hacker and you wouldn’t dare to miss out on this!!!!